Crystal Earth is a trading name of Spiritual Events Sussex Limited, 12 Shaftesbury Avenue, Worthing BN12 4EQ. Company No:11641091

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Crystal Earth and Reikidreams


Workshops and Courses 

Please find below a list of workshops and courses run by us in WORTHING, WEST SUSSEX.

Reiki Seicham 

Self Healing

Reiki I

Reiki II

Reiki III

Teaching Masters

Crystal Healing

Level 1

Level 2

Psychic Development

Level 1

Level 2

Egyptian Cartouche

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

The Chakra Workshop

Natural Magic I & II

Ascended Masters




Crystal Workshop 2

Saturday 14th  &

21st March 2020

11am - 4pm 


A more in-depth, practical course to develop your crystal know-how by incorporating it into a variety of healing therapies.

Chakra Workshop

Saturday 25th April &

9th May

11am - 4pm 


An introduction to understanding the Chakra energy system within the body, how they affect our well being and how to rebalance them using crystals.

Protection Workshop

Saturday 23rd May 2020

11am - 4pm 


A workshop to teach how to protect your spiritual body from negative influences in everyday life. 

Crystal Workshop 1

Saturday 27th June &

4th July 2020

11am - 4pm

Learn how to use the power of crystal energy in your everyday life and begin to understand their healing attributes.

If you are interested in any of the above courses and would like further information then please contact us by completing the form below.